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IoT and its Impact on Government

In my capacity as Executive Director of the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to tackling emerging technology issues, I was pleased to serve as the staff lead for the organization's first-ever Innovation Lab, Government and the IoT. ATARC President Tom Suder and I came up with the Innovation Lab concept earlier this year. The Innovation Labs last about 10 weeks, and bring together industry, government and academia to dig deeper into critical technology issues poised to impact the federal government. Obviously, IoT is one of those areas that over the next 2-4 years is going to have a major impact on how government operates and interacts with its citizens as more and more devices are connected via the Internet and data is created, shared and analyzed in a manner that allows us to understand things that we previously couldn't have imagined. As IoT comes to the forefront, we must embrace the opportunity, while being mindful that privacy and security issues are paramount. And perhaps most importantly, (this one's for you policymakers) we must not overregulate the IoT to the point at which it limits its potential, but instead focus on consensus-based standards that allow for growth.

Below is a link to the full ATARC IoT report, which was underwritten by Cisco, Verizon and Samsung. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Cut and paste into your browser:

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