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Hettinger Strategy Group Marks First Anniversary

A year ago this week marked the official launch of Hettinger Strategy Group (HSG). When we launched I had one client and a vision of the type of firm that I wanted to create and the type of clients with which I wanted to work. Today our client roster boasts 5 innovative technology companies, along with a leading technology non-profit, poised to change the face of government IT. In 2015 we helped our clients develop strategies to improve market position, build relationships with government CXOs and effectively lobby Congress and the Executive Branch on things like cybersecurity, IT acquisition reform, appropriations, cloud computing, FedRAMP reform and a host of other critical issues.

In 2016 we are taking it to another level, building off our successful 2015. The Cloud IT Act is set to be introduced in the U.S. Senate, a bill that we were pleased to have played a big role in drafting and the President's FY 2017 Budget includes a request for $3.1 billion to establish a revolving capital fund at GSA to help transition agencies off aging, hard to secure legacy IT, a push that we have been making since day one.

HSG works in partnership with Cyrrus Analytics, headed by Rich Beutel. Together we have an unmatched level of expertise. Very few firms and people really understand the federal market and I humbly believe that one of the reasons for our great success so far is that we really do get it. It is not something that we do on the side, or something that we learned because we had one client with an interest in the federal market, it is our lifeblood. I have spent more than 20 years understanding how the federal market works and helping companies put themselves in the best position for success. This experience and commitment shows in our success.

Hettinger Strategy Group gives its clients a competitive advantage in the federal market, using a customized, multi-pronged approach to each client representation. If you're looking to raise your profile, grow your federal business and increase your bottom line, you should be working with us.

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